Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bust in One Area, Boom in Another

The limping economy has slowed down some enterprises but caused demand for other services.

Like vasectomies:

But some things never change. Despite their acknowledgment that they can't afford more children, both men interviewed for the story actually said that a vasectomy wasn't for them.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

52% of those polled are crazy...

I realize that the "Obama's not really a citizen" meme is one that's just not going to die. There are those crazies -- and this article gives them the benign-sounding name "The Birthers" -- that will insist to their graves that the man was not really born in Hawaii or that he renounced his citizenship when he was five (or whatever the story is), etc.

There will always be those crazies.

What I didn't realize was how large their numbers are. Following the referenced story was this poll question: Do you have any doubt about Obama's eligibility to be president because of his birth status?

Despite the fact (as stated in the article) that

officials in Hawaii declared last October that there was no doubt Obama was born in the state. Officials verified that the health department holds the commander in chief's original birth certificate
52% of those who took the poll said...