Sunday, June 11, 2006

Way behind on my blogging: bullet point edition

Hi, guys.

I just haven't had the time/energy/enthusiasm/(noun of your choice) to get up to date in the bloggy world. Therefore, I've decided to bullet point my news, and maybe I'll expound later and maybe I won't.

  • Monday we had to send Shadow, our alpha and omega cat, on to cat heaven. I'm bummed, and this is probably the main reason I haven't been blogging. We sent JJ on ahead in February, just weeks after Grammie died. I never eulogized JJ -- never even mentioned her death here before now -- and now I'm dragging my heels on Shad. Both will get a proper eulogy from me eventually. (I'm trying really hard not to make this the all-death-all-the-time blog.)
  • Still recuperating from my month away from home. Still cleaning up the physical mess, too, the one I left behind due to a semester of crisis management and the additional mess made by Tall Son in my absence. I'm making progress, however.
  • Tall Son has officially moved out, although he hasn't fully vacated his room or otherwise stored his belongings. It's much easier to keep the house clean when it's just me.
  • But it's not just me. I still have one cat -- Molly. She's probably a little stunned to find herself an Only Cat. She's never been that before. In fact, the last time I had only one cat in the house was 17 years ago.
  • Had a wonderful lunch today with most of my descendants and their spouses, lacking only Marine Son and Corpsman Son-in-Law. I think Indian Princess (daughter-in-law) thinks Red Lobster is my favorite restaurant, so that's where we went. (But really, it isn't. Still, the salmon was tasty.) Tall Son has a killer digital camera, and we made little videos, mostly starring the youngest grandson. That's what happens when you're two; you're automatically the cutest. (Then you get older....)
  • The Grand Canyon is grand. Not that you needed me to tell you. We pretty much considered this our scouting mission. We got a good look at the canyon, but with a four-year-old and (all but) two-year-old in tow, we couldn't do stuff like hike, raft, etc. Next time I'll have money and take a helicopter ride. There will be a next time.
  • Before I left, I told many people, including Waveflux; he wished me a good trip and asked me to bring him something back. I took this request very seriously, but once on the road I wasn't quite sure what to get. (If I'd gone to the Democratic National Convention, f'r instance, no problem.) In the end, I settled not for a physical object but an item to add to his list of things to see before the final check-out. But revelation of that item will have to wait until later. :)
  • Something to look forward to: Alanna and I are going to see the Prairie Home Companion movie on Thursday. I'm excited about this like others get excited about Star Wars and Lord of the Rings movies. Woo-hoo! Only four more days!
  • School starts for me again on the 22nd. I am NOT counting those days.

I feel better now, having dipped my toe back in the blog pool. I think my blog-block might be over.

Actual photo taken by me of the Grand Canyon. Yes, it looks like all those other photos on the web, but I took this one! I was really there!

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Waveflux said...

I understand about blog blocks; you take all the time you need.

Also: M was very pleased that you liked the Venice video, and intrigued that JJ behaved in much the same fashion.