Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Movie a REAL Nerd Anticipates

I've watched and listened patiently as people made crazy plans -- camping out for days at movie theaters; sitting through a festival of an entire series, culminating in the premiere of "the last one" -- all in anticipation of Star Wars 27, Lord of the Rings 42, and other movies. I didn't get it. It's just a movie, people, ok? You can get it on Netflix in a few weeks.

Until now.

June. A Prairie Home Companion.

I'll be there.

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Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

This does kind of make me wonder about you :) ... I grew up in Minnesota ---and ever since Keilor more or less moved to New York, he's much less interesting to me. I suppose if it makes you happy --

There was a bit of fuss in MN when they filmed the movie last summer, now they are talking about a big premier here May 3....