Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sunday Morning Sex Chat

Via Blondesense, we learn that Pat Robertson gets some fairly kinky messages from The Lord.

Hawking his new book on miracles, Robertson tells CBS News's Rita Braver of his healing an asthmatic woman in Jerusalem by discussing her sex life. He did this, of course, because His Lord Jesus Christ told him to. And Robertson's wife was there, so all was well.

Fortunately Sex Chat appears early in the video version, so if you choose to hear it in Pat's own voice, you don't have to sit through the rest of the miracles. Ah, the gleam in Robertson's beady eyes as he describes the poor suffering woman... ("And here, this haunting woman, she looked like-- she really looked like she was terrified-- very attractive-- striking brunette, 45 years old, you know thin, 5'8" kinda thing. And-- she had this look in her eyes.") And interestingly, he doesn't maintain a lot of eye contact with Braver as he recounts his little fantasy, although for as much of the interview as I could bear to watch, he made very little eye contact with her, period. Mostly he seemed to be enjoying the mental pictures flitting through his mind.

Did I mention his wife was there, too? (A Sex Chat threesome.) He certainly brings it up enough.

Now all Robertson needs is a message from The Lord to help him heal the Christian Coalition's financial woes.

Maybe a little more sex talk would be in order.

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