Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back, but busy

Too much to do as we get ready for the new school year.

In the meantime, amuse yourself with The Official George W. Bush "Days Left In Office" Countdown clock.

It just can't move fast enough for me.

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henna said...

I hope you had a good trip and the kids are having a good summer.

I love the counter. My Dad is 75 and a real character, but a little out of touch with the world, not to mention alzheimers so he doesn't really remember the world news of recent past. Anyway, he walks around our house calling dubbya "our hero" and when we tease him and let him know that dubbya is a dink, Dad likes to remind us that at least the "country runs itself" so it doesn't matter who the pres is. Ah, the blissful life you lead dad riding your tractor and enjoying these years.

My recent bumper sticker sighting?

I miss Bill.