Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mystery solved!

My work parking permit hangs from my rearview mirror, and I've always been mildy amused by a sentence on it: REMOVE BEFORE VEHICLE IS IN MOTION. (And these words are turned outward toward the road, adding to the efficacy of the message.)

I've always wondered why I needed to remove the pass. And was it an actual rule? Were the parking enforcers gonna give me a ticket if they caught me tooling down the interstate with my parking permit prominently displayed? With all this hanging up and taking down, how often do you think I would misplace the thing or forget to hang it back up once I returned to campus and parked? (Was this an evil plot to generate more parking ticket funds?)

Today I picked up my 06-07 model parking permit, along with a brochure that, instead of the Joe-Friday-just-the-facts-ma'am- informational flyer, reads like a motivational seminar.

And on the back of the brochure, the mystery is solved. I should remove my 2 1/2" (wide) x 5" (long) pass before I drive off "for safety [sic] sake."

Wouldn't want that big 'ol decal interfering with my view of the road, now, would we?

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Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Many states have laws prohibiting anything from hanging there.