Monday, November 06, 2006

George Bush Arrives; Charlie Crist Runs As Fast As He Can in the Other Direction

If Charlie Crist does win the governor's race (as is likely), he'll at least get a nod from me for displaying a little bit of good judgment in getting the hell away from George Bush(but I sure wish it wasn't the slimy John McCain he chose to stand next to):

A few years back, the popular Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was preparing for an election-eve "fly-around,'' a victory lap really, in which the governor would draw thousands to airport rallies. Charlie Crist, the Republican candidate for attorney general, wanted to climb on board to share in the love. But Bush had no room for Crist on the plane.

Today, President Bush has arrived in Florida for an election-eve rally for the Sunshine State's Republican ticket – a rally at which Attorney General Charlie Crist, running for governor to replace the retiring Jeb Bush, was supposed to introduce the president.

But Crist has bowed out as emcee. The GOP's candidates for governor in Arkansas and Texas will introduce the president at rallies today in Little Rock and Texas, but the GOP's candidate for governor in Florida has other plans. With his own seven-city fly-around, Crist plans to join Republican Sen. John McCain at a rally in Jacksonville today.

Where's Charlie? :)

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