Sunday, January 14, 2007

A challenge I've been meaning to make

Alanna, when are you going to start blogging? It's high time. Want my help getting started??

F, when are you going to start blogging?



Alanna said...

Bitty Dear:

I don't think I shall be taking up the gauntlet just yet. Perhaps this summer?


Bitty said...

Perhaps! Just remember that there's no requirement to post every day or week...I follow a few blogs that only post once a month or so.


It's a wonderful mental exercise,
Alanna! We have an Info blog that
is designed to Alert & Inform, and hopefully provide fresh, new perspective.
Most inportant, our Comment Section provides an Open Forum for
other viewpoints!

Fine Example: Read short 'History' post. No Hot-air partisanship!

A citizenry that forms opinions from 15 second Tv sound bytes is not the best constituancy. The
alert voter is our best hope for the future of this great nation.

konagod said...

Hi Bitty, excellent suggestion you made about dinner blogging! Just for that you got added to my blogroll. (Actually, you would have anyway -- I'm just slow getting around to doing it.)