Friday, January 19, 2007

How to get out of Iraq

Barbara Ehrenreich posted 15 Steps Toward a Happier, Healthier America in 07, and while they're all priceless, the last line of her first step inspired an out-loud laugh from me. It's not all that often that I can muster up a laugh about Iraq:
Get the troops out of Iraq. Of course this is easier said then [sic] done, since conditions on the ground have become far too dangerous to allow for an orderly exit. Outward bound truck convoys, for example, would attract roadside bombs and other unfriendly send-offs. The best plan is to find out how thousands of Iraqis are managing to flee the country every day and take the same route.
This leaves me with the uneasy realization that Iraqis have a good deal more freedom than we do in terms of getting out of Iraq.

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