Thursday, March 22, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards

Add me to the list of people saying prayers for the most remarkable Elizabeth Edwards as she and her doctors work to control her incurable, but "manageable," cancer.
Not too long ago, I heard a blurb advertising an upcoming news story -- must have been on NPR -- that said cancer treatment was improving to the point that many cancers could be considered a "chronic" rather than terminal disease. I never got to hear the actual story. But we're about to watch one family publicly live with just that situation.

May Mrs. Edwards' cancer remain manageable for many, many, many years.


Anonymous said...

Many, many years indeed.

I didn't see any live feed of the announcement; I just read what the Edwardses had to say, and found myself tearing up.

Which I never do. Okay, seldom do.

It's been that kind of a month, though.

Alanna said...

I think that Elizabeth Edwards is an example to us all. Her grace in the face of such news is something I shall not soon forget. I hope she lives a long and fruitful life.


Bitty said...

I DID see it live. They were so...effervescent as they spoke. You'd have thought they were announcing the best thing that had ever happened to them, and yet it was genuine, too.

I also kept thinking that the Edwardses ARE what people THOUGHT Jack and Jackie were.