Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bitty becomes the last person in America to join Netflix!

I almost never watch movies. I really can't say why. I own DVDs I've never seen, for pity's sake.

But this $4.99 Netflix deal caught my eye a while back, and, after watching and enjoying an actual movie on TNT yesterday (The Pledge), followed by finding yet another "free trial" Netflix ad in my junk mail...I gave in.

Only a few movies in my queue so far, on purpose: the two disks of Season 1 of Prime Suspect (which are on the way), Sherrybaby, Quinceanera, and Mad Hot Ballroom. Because the $4.99 deal allows me only 2 films per month, if it turns out I actually WATCH the films, I'll probably upgrade to the $9.99 deal.

So...anyone have any suggestions? Interests, besides (obviously) independent films: smart thrillers/detective. Smart comedies. Smart romances.

I don't have time for foolishness.


Anonymous said...

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AMorris said...

Waking Life and 3-Iron. My LW (the former English teacher, bookworm, and odd story lover) would suggest Morvern Callar, but I absolutely hated it! I kinda like the simple stuff in The Straight Story because it makes me think of my brother. You may like it.

Esereth said...

Hey there.

I just did a post on good movies no one has heard of. It's still on the page, a post or two down.

I found your blog during a random google search...I think I was googling "the story of my divorce" or something. Anyway. Hi there.

Bitty said...

amorris -- how interesting. My students suggested Waking Life as something that would fit into the theme of our class, and I BOUGHT it. But no, I haven't watched it yet. (I don't know where I think I'm going to get the time to watch these movies. Seriously.)

I will take your other three suggestions under advisement, including Morvern Callar, since I'm a current English teacher, bookworm, and odd story lover (that last part perfectly said!).

esereth -- I'm on my way to see your list.

And anonymous -- yeah, right.

Vervet said...

One of the very best thrillers I've seen is "Blood Simple" which I think was the first movie (or the first one that received some national attention anyway) by the Coen brothers. It was made in 1984 and it's an amazing Southern gothic film with Frances McDormand (one of my favorite actors), M. Emmet Walsh, and many others. Another terrific and little-known thriller by the Coen brothers is "The Man Who Wasn't There."
Both well worth viewing.