Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Cavemen are Coming!

ABC has placed Cavemen on its fall schedule, a spin-off from those clever GEICO ads. You can keep the Gecko; I'm half in love with the long-suffering C'man who scoffs at the insensitive GEICO ads and struggles through sessions with a therapist who, from her position of privilege, just doesn't "get" the prejudice faced by a caveman.

The ad's guy doesn't seem to be one of the series' cavemen, however. I suppose he isn't/can't be available since he's already the very public face of GEICO. Too darn bad.

ABC/Cavemen producers: don't screw this one up.


Sarah Sometimes said...

Bitty--my favorite is the one where thE two cavemen are out on the terrace at the party, having it out because one of them has actually BOUGHT Geico insurance ("Does that make me less of a cavemen?"), and then the third one comes bursting out and says, "Tina's here! We're getting back together!" only to be rudely rebuffed: "Can you give us a MINUTE..." I don't know why it cracks me up so much....

Anonymous said...

My brother swears that that scene is lifted from a movie, but I can't verify that.

I cannot believe that Cavemen will do well. But then, I said that about Desperate Housewives. And Wife Swap.

Bitty said...

Sarah -- me too! Me too!

Phil -- "do well" is a relative term. DH "does well" ratings-wise but bored me after just a few episodes. Boomtown was one of my favorite shows ever and lasted only 2 episodes into its second season (two not-so-good episodes since someone decided to "fix" the show). So it didn't "do well."

That's why I threatened the producers AND ABC. The producers better get it right and ABC better not yank it before its time if it's a good show.

It could be. Not that quality really matters on network TV.

Meowkaat said...

ditto on the DH... it did well but snoozed me off within a month.
the Cavemen clip was funny tho.