Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pavlov's Bitty

In my current job, I rarely use the phone. By contrast, during the 12 years I worked as a real estate secretary, I spent half my time on Mr. Bell’s invention.

But it’s the end of the semester, when everything changes. Students suddenly discover that they want information from me, want feedback. Students are dropping by the office; students are calling.

Perhaps it was because I was distracted: I had one student in the office and we were in mid-conversation when the phone rang. But how surprised was I when, in automatic response to that ring, I almost said into the receiver, “Mr. C’s office”?

I haven’t worked for Mr. C for nine years.

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Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

When I was first starting to adjunct I taught at three different schools, I also worked for a credit union answering the phone. On some days it was an open question as to how I'd answer the phone in any given location.... Home would be either the credit union or one of the three schools etc... The most confused people were the credit union when I'd answer as one of the schools...