Monday, July 09, 2007

More about getting shot down

Apparently it's not just those nutty women who are full of excuses for dumping people. Now corporate America's in on the act:

Sprint Nextel is hanging up on 1,000 of its cell-phone subscribers because, the company said, they complained too much.

Sprint Nextel ... which ranked at the top of MSN Money's Customer Service Hall of Shame in April, apparently didn't appreciate when people called their customer-service lines to voice complaints, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday. So the company told those unhappy customers to hit the road.

"The number of inquiries you have made to us . . . has led us to determine that we are unable to meet your current wireless needs," Sprint said in its [Dear John/Jane] letter.

However, the jilted customers get a consolation prize: their balances have been zeroed out and their early termination fee has been waived.

Thanks for not charging your customers for getting dumped, Sprint Nextel!

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Madame X said...

You painted your porch blue!

I hadn't heard this about Sprint, but there was a similar story, I think about the Limited or some other clothing chain, where if people returned too much of the clothing they bought, they were told to shop elsewhere. Though as I'm writing this, I realize perhaps I have it wrong. I think they still wanted them to shop, they just revoked their return priveleges!