Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mad Men

Obvious to anyone with eyes is that I haven't done much blogging lately.

I wish I could say I was having too much fun to blog, but really, I'm just too busy with the complications of life.

I've also paid little attention to television lately, so it was utterly accidental that I came across Mad Men this week. For this I must pop my head back into blog world momentarily.


Watch this show.

AMC has a fairly heavy rerun schedule for it (click on "episode 1 encore schedule" just below the giant picture), including "The Making of Mad Men," which I have yet to see.

It's about the early 1960s...but it's not. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose!

Two scenes particularly struck me: the moment that Joan whisked the dust cover off the IBM Selectric and told Peggy not to be intimidated by the technology, and Peggy's visit to the gynecologist.

Even though I didn't learn to type until 10th grade -- later in the 60s -- that jump from manual to electric was as jarring as driving a VW Beetle and then hopping out and driving a sports car. And let's just say that I was patronized almost as much at my first gynecologist visit in 1971, although I wasn't subjected to cigarette smoke, too.

I turned 7 in 1960, and I remember it well: the fashions, the cigarette smoke, the sharply delineated lines for men and women and no one with darker skin in sight.

This show is genius.

Now back to temporary blackout.

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Carol said...


I just happened upon your blog. I live in Memphis and was looking for the Garden & Gun website to send to my friend who lives on the Alabama Gulf Coast (it is featured in the latest issue, according to the Memphis newspaper). Your blog came up high in the rankings. All this to say, I was thoroughly entertained by your blog. I feel as if I've found a long lost sister. I'm going to try to catch Mad Men. Meant to, forgot, will remember after reading your good review. I won't subscribe to Garden & Gun, but will still vote Republican - your influence just goes so far!

All for now - I've bookmarked your blog and will look forward to reading more!