Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Float

I didn't know for sure that I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner until just recently, so I didn't get my turkey until Monday evening. It's ginormous, and the turkey websites advise a 4 to 5 day thaw for a ginormous bird.

I don't have 4 to 5 days.

Plan B advises thawing in cold water. And I quote:
You may also place the wrapped turkey in the sink and cover it completely with cold water for about 30 minutes per pound.
No, I may not.

Sounds like a plan, but (a) I have the shallowest sink in the western world, and (b) when I attempted to immerse the bird in water in a plastic bin, I floats. How am I to "cover completely" a turkey that floats? I may be a mere English major, but even I know that no amount of water will cover something that persists in bobbing on the surface. All I can think of is putting a weight on it.

Now where did I leave that brick?

Update: I tried placing a big, heavy bowl on top of the turkey, but the bird shoved the bowl aside and stubbornly rose to the top. I wondered if David Letterman ever tried to make a turkey float, but I found no results.


konagod said...

My life seems so simple. No turkey, no muss, no fuss.

I had no idea they had to be thawed that long.

Bitty said...

kona, I thought about you and the other vegetarians/vegans I know as I was wrestling with the bird.

I know I'll never be one who can totally give up animal products. Instead, I try not to eat a lot of them. It's the best compromise I can come up with.