Monday, February 18, 2008

Honor Thy President

Driving by the day care my now-adult children once attended long, long ago, I saw a sign.

First, I should mention that "message signs" have long bugged me. I hate having signs nagging at me, telling me what to do, what to think, who to be. I once attended a warm, loving church. Then the pastor died of cancer, new people came in, and the day I knew the place had changed utterly was the day the message sign quit making announcements (Spaghetti dinner at 7 Wednesday) and started scolding me (Think it's hot here?). Yes, message signs make me break out in hives.

So, I'm driving by our former day care in this red, red state, and I see on the message sign what looks on first blush like an innocuous message:

Honor all our Presidents.

I suspect that if the owner had italicized letters, that "all" would have been in italics.

I got the sermon, Ms. Daycare.

As a person who likes to exercise the "freedoms" that our current White House resident is so fond of speechifying about, I particularly enjoy my freedom to think. So far this is not a crime. And I think that anyone who wants to receive honor must first act honorably.


TroyBoy said...

Hello, I found you because we both listed "Lost" as an interest. You have good taste, by the way! :-) I like your thought process and plan to come back!

AMorris said...

Shouldn't it have been "Honor all of our Presidents" instead of the redneck truncation of the sentence structure? I would think that an English teacher would go "nucular" over something like this...=0)

Bitty said...

If I went nucular over every grammatical goof I see, I'd be in a nice white jacket in a sun-filled room (which doesn't sound too bad) or 6 feet under.

One of the dangers of my job is that I correct in my head and move on. I am very good at translation from non-standard English to standard English. They are separate languages, you know, and I am widely read in both.


I really need to come to your blog and see the latest on your daughter, but I barely even visit my own blog anymore...

Glen said...

I prefer "Honor Our Constitution, Mr. President"
Wouldn't that be nice!
Best wishes for your son, I hope he stays safe.
Good site by the way.