Monday, February 04, 2008

My Inner Prufrock

I didn't see this coming, although I have to sorta kinda agree with the narrative that justifies this choice -- especially about the "hopeless effort of people trying to impress other people..."

I guess I should go back and read that poem that most people despise.

You're Prufrock and Other Observations!

by T.S. Eliot

Though you are very short and often overshadowed, your voice is poetic
and lyrical. Dark and brooding, you see the world as a hopeless effort of people trying
to impress other people. Though you make reference to almost everything, you've really
heard enough about Michelangelo. You measure out your life with coffee spoons.

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Hat tip to Melissa, whom I am not trying to impress. ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm ALICE IN WONDERLAND! Must beware of people who smile too much!

Brave Sir Robin said...

I guess I should go back and read that poem that most people despise.

British Lit. in college, I was pretty much the only student in the class that was into poetry, (I was a lot older than most of them, so the teacher would engage me in a lot of back and forth disccussion, to pull the others into the work.

She was a huge fan of this poem, (Prufrock), but it really didn't appeal to me, which surprised and disappointed me, because I was pretty fond of Elliot.

Well, teacher was very disappointed, (maybe even hurt?) that I didn't love it. I admired her a great deal, so . . . .

So I studied, and read and researched it. A lot. Over the years J. Alfred and I have become old friends, and are quite comfortable with each other.

I think some of my initial reaction to it was because it didn't have the beauty of some of his other work. I've come to value it all the more because of that. I mean, I have lot's of friends who aren't beautiful, right? I'm not exactly George Clooney myself.

Yes, you should go read it. I'll join you.