Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I am well and truly Lost now: Lost Madness

A "friend" just told me about Lost Madness at the Washington Post:
During the NCAA Tournament, college basketball freaks get to advance their favorite teams through a series of brackets. Now, it’s the “Lost” fans’ turn.

Introducing “Lost” Madness, a two-week competition where readers can vote for their favorite “Lost” characters in 32 face-offs featuring 64 of the key players from the Oceanic 815 universe. By the time it’s all over, a champion – otherwise known as the best “Lost” character ever – will emerge.
I call her a "friend" because a real friend wouldn't feed in to my obsession. No, no.

More on this later as time permits.

(But seriously -- between Jack and Cindy, who did you think was going to win? And while Locke and Sayid go head-to-head next time, Kate's up against...Vincent?? I smell a fix.)


Anonymous said...

What is this "Lost" you speak of? :-D

nimiecat said...

Man-o-man! We haven't caught up with all the current episodes. You're naming folks I haven't even seen yet! :)

Bitty said...

nimiecat: Oh, you probably have seen them; they're minor. That was my point. Vincent is Walt's dog and Cindy was the tailie flight attendant who suddenly went missing as the tail-enders crossed the island toward "our" guys. (Later seen happily living among Ben's people.)

And Phil -- there are a few million crazed citizens who would be happy to explain it to you. ;)