Thursday, December 04, 2008

Notes from School

Two vignettes:

1. Yesterday, an email from a student:

Subject line: I need help ASAP!

Message: How do you find database articles and scholarly articles on the [My School] library. I’ve been trying to for like 40 mins I completely forgot how. Can you tell me the step by step process thanks.

Context for this message: This research paper was due two days ago.

2. Earlier this semester: I've had one of my students pegged as an arch-conservative, although in retrospect, I realize that I may have misunderstood his deep anxiety about the election, especially his excitement about bad weather in parts of the country on election day. I read it as "woo-hoo! The liberals won't be going to the polls!" Now I have to admit that I don't recall his ever actually declaring a side.

This morning: I read his latest paper, in which he talks about coming out.

I suppose he could be conservative. This happens. Now, for me, his political orientation is a point of curiosity while his sexual orientation is not at all.


Anonymous said...

1. 'Tis the season. At my library, the 60+ computers are being quickly occupied by students. Some of these folks haven't set foot inside the library all semester. The queue of patrons waiting their turn online stacks up like planes awaiting takeoff at JFK.

2. But how well written was the paper?

Brave Sir Robin said...

I worl with a much younger man who is taking an English class. I have helped him with a few papers in the past. He was going to bring me his paper last week to proof before it was due this week.

He didn't.

He was out Monday. (His class is Monday night)

Yes, he wrote the paper Monday.


Bitty said...

But how well written was the paper?

Who knows? I haven't seen it yet. (See BSR's comment. I think his colleague might be my student's clone!)