Monday, December 22, 2008

Jettin' But Not Jellin'

I'm flying to CA tomorrow with the oldest, tallest grandson to visit with the youngest and smallest grandchildren.

I was just checking out the TSA website because one just never knows what might be verboten. Common sense tells me that I'll have to leave my hand grenades and liquid bleach at home, but common sense is not always the best indicator of what can't be taken on a flight.

Like gel shoe inserts.

It's good to see, however, that fingernail clippers apparently don't pose the threat that they did in the past.

I think we're making progress in the War Against Travelers.


Anonymous said...

And here's the holiday visit you didn't get on Thanksgiving. Travel safely; very best to all your family.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Have a great trip.

Bee said...

I hope you have a Xmas/New Year's update soon . . . and I hope your travels were excellent.

kkryno said...

I hope your trip is as nice as mine.

OT, my most favorite Christmas song has to be "Oh Holy Night" by Andy Williams.

I know, I know; I'm a nerd! ;0)

I'm home now, so check in when you're ready!

Bee said...

My silly daddy put his brand-new pocket knife in his pocket (of all places) and the airlines confiscated it!

Missing you in blog-land, Bitty.