Thursday, July 21, 2005

A few tentative steps into the blogosphere...

So I've been thinking about blogging for a while now.

The unknown, however, is a scary place. It's one thing to use "comments" to insinuate yourself into someone else's blog. It's another thing quite to be responsible for the whole thing.

What if I look foolish online? Everyone in the www (whole wide world) could then read my idiocy and laugh behind my cyberback. On the other hand, what if I gave a blog and nobody came (the more likely scenario)?

Then there's the identity issue. Should I be upfront about who I am or cower behind a pseudonym? Should I let the people in my life know about the blog, or should I maintain my Bitty persona separately from the flesh and blood person who will log off in a little while and get back to everyday life?

Well, I don't have to decide everything at once, now do I?

I'm Bitty, this is my back porch, and even though I'm still thinking through some of these issues, you're welcome to sit down and chat a while.

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