Friday, July 29, 2005

Isn't this just a little bizarre?

I'm no supporter of Fidel Castro, so please don't start in on me from that angle.

The Miami Herald reports:

Caleb McCarry, 43, will serve as the Cuba ''transition coordinator,'' a position mandated by President Bush a year ago to implement measures designed to help bring an end to Fidel Castro's 46-year rule and provide assistance to a subsequent democratic Cuba.

''For nearly 50 years, the regime of Fidel Castro has condemned the people of Cuba to a tragic fate of repression and poverty,'' Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said as part of McCarry's introduction, adding that the appointment will ``accelerate the demise of Castro's tyranny.''

But is it really OUR job to have a U.S. government official charged with "transitioning" the government, albeit evilly repressive, of another country?

Oh yeah. I forgot.


Waveflux said...

And the most bizarre element here is that it's not being regarded as bizarre at all. No one is paying attention to this.

I'm actually gasping with disbelief as I think about this.

Bitty said...

Imagine our outrage if, say, France, fed up with our nonsense, appointed a "transition coordinator" to straighten OUR behinds out.

I heard it on NPR and then WENT LOOKING for news stories on it. Indeed, no one much is paying attention.

It's at best a political move, designed to keep Florida's Cuban population voting Republican. It's at worst another step toward (attempted) World Domination.