Tuesday, November 08, 2005

ANTS 2!!!! : The Ants are Winning

But for a few stragglers, the ants seem to be gone from my closet. This would appear to be a victory, but now the question is: where did they go? My proud little moment of stirring them up may have served to make them move on to a place I'd even less like to encounter them.

If this is psychological warfare, the ants are winning.

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Waveflux said...

ANTS!!! It's like the title of a B-grade horror flick from the Fifties. THose were great movies, but real life ants aren't nearly so entertaining. I am very sorry for your situation.

You were absolutely right about it being boric acid that Larry the Terminix guy used. I hope it's actually doing the job.

In the past - long before the ceiling story - we used to dust the buggers with non-toxic diatomaceous earth (which you can get from any home store or garden nursery). My first impulse would have been to use some very toxic petroleum-based bug killer, but M hates that stuff. Cats in the house, living lightly on the earth, all that jazz.

Still, the boric acid may have done the trick. Give it some time. Stay strong. Remember that you're bigger than they are.