Thursday, November 10, 2005

Coming attractions

I fear I'll never find the time to pay proper attention to this blog again!

Part of me would love to comment on all the political goings-on, although I also must acknowledge that there are abundant blogs doing a better job than I ever could. So I'm not missed.

Part of me also wants to discuss my recent trip to Illinois (with a few hours spent in Iowa, a few seconds of that devoted to my being face down in Iowa mud!). On the trip, I learned two seemingly contradictory things:

You can go home again. (I was born in Chicago, lived in Rock Island my first four years, and visited Illinois many summers during my childhood.)

People often say that we should travel to other countries because it allows us to see the world from a different perspective. I say spending a week in the rural midwest if you don't already live there just might accomplish the same goal. I frequently felt that I WAS in another country (not a feeling I had on my earlier trip to California, by the way), and I say that with love and a sense of wonder.
As I think about my little blog and my desire to attend to it (which I have no real time to do right now), I also recognize that the whole blogging thing is a tad narcissistic. At the same time, I love to read blogs because they provide me a peek into the lives and minds of others without the gatekeeping mechanism that formal publishing creates. So, I might be a narcissist, but I'm also adding to the collective voice on the web that says this is what it means to be an "ordinary" person.

Bitty's blog, to be continued...someday soon, I hope.

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