Monday, November 07, 2005

Screwed on a bed

Yeah, you read that right.

Here's another example of the total lack of ethics in commerce today, in case you haven't seen enough.

Man buys mattress set, major label mattress set. It's a dog, however, a real piece o' junk, and he'd really like the company to honor its warranty.

His dealer took a look at the mattress but has yet to tell him if it is being honnored [sic] under its 10 year warranty.


[The buyer] says you need a magnifying glass to see what's covered and what's not covered because of the fine print.


One of the company owners promised to take a look at the mattress but said they were informed there's a stain and a stain may void the warranty.

Simmons' offices were closed on Friday, but their website states that if the product is stained or soiled, Simmons reserves the right to deny warranty coverage.

It's a well-known fact that stains damage the structural integrity of mattresses. Yeah, right.

Writing the "stain clause" into the warranty is dealing in bad faith, plain and simple. Show me a mattress of any age that isn't stained! Even if it's slept upon by the chastest of nuns, the drool and sweat factors alone are going to visit some itty bitty stain on the upholstery. By writing in the "stain clause," Simmons virtually guarantees never to have to make good on any warranty.

The customer is no longer right; instead, the corporate behemoths strive to avoid the logical and the moral.

That's just so wrong.

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Alan said...

yup they really screw you on your matress warranty. i know cuz i am one of those whose warranty has been denied because of stains on the bed. Here is someone who is doing a classaction lawsuit to rememdy the situation ...