Friday, December 23, 2005

Meme of four

Taking up Waveflux's challenge, I hereby offer my answers to the following meme:

Four jobs you've had in your life: Tax preparer (H&R Block); general office schmuck (Social Security Administration and several other places); legal secretary; English instructor
Four movies you could watch over and over: A Christmas Story; Return to Me; About a Boy; Othello (Laurence Fishburne version)
Four places you've lived (as opposed to merely visited, as in two questions hence): Abingdon, Maryland; Patuxent River, Maryland; Rock Island, Illinois; Somewhere, Florida (good thing I only need to name four, because that’s it)
Four TV shows you love to watch: It depends on what you mean by four -- Lost (the only show I can’t bear to miss); NYPD Blue (have a thing for Sipowicz); all the Law & Orders, but especially SVU & CI; almost anything on HGTV.
Four places you've been on vacation: San Diego, CA; various relatives’ homes in Illinois; Washington, D.C.; Disney World
Four websites you visit daily: Waveflux, Salon, writing as jo(e), BitchPhD
Four of your favorite foods: Chicken chef salad from Steak ‘n Shake; salmon; Maryland-style steamed crabs; Maryland-style crabcakes
Four places you'd rather be: My daughter’s house; my sister’s house; my grandmother’s house; in bed, asleep

(Alanna, you have no blog, but feel free to do the meme in the comments! You, too, F!)


Alanna said...

Four jobs: Typist, Banker (Ireland), Banker ( US), English teacher.
Four movies: Roman Holiday; Gone with the Wind; The Greengage Summer; Anything about Royalty.
Four places lived: Wexford, Meath, Offaly, Louth (Ireland).
Four TV shows: 20/20; SATC; Arrested Development; The View.
Four vacation places: Paris, Aruba, Donegal, Ibiza.
Four Websites: Bitty's ( of course!); Argus newspaper; Saginaw News; CNN.
Four foods: Salmon (Outback); Mulagetawny soup (Shannon's); Shrimp ( Stonewood); Sushi ( Publix near me).
Four places I would rather be: Paris with my niece; Ireland with my brother; lunching with girlfriend; anywhere with J.

Bitty said...

Ah, Alanna...

See--I learned a few things there. You'll have to tell me about The Greengage Summer and Mulagetawny soup!! If you ever rent Arrested Development, invite me over and we'll watch a few together. I've tried to watch, but my viewing has been spotty. I've only seen about half of them. And of course now it's passing into history.

And while I'm not surprised that you ended with "anywhere with J," I found that so touching.

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