Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Paranoia'll Destroy Ya

Early March, 2003. At the anti-war protest, the one guy was clearly out of place, or so said My Friend. He was hyper-clean-cut, and while he was dressed in casual clothes like the other protestors, his tennies were unscuffed, his jeans appeared stiff and unfaded, his sweatshirt had none of the gentle pilling of washing. In short, he looked newly-minted. At least that was My Friend's take on him.

Clean-Cut Guy also had a fascination with photography, My Friend declared. Oddly, he didn't seem to be taking interesting group-protest shots; he was snapping individuals, so reported My Friend.

Any time the camera was pointed in his direction, My Friend turned his body away. "It's the government spying on protestors," My Friend told me.

With Friday's revelation that George Bush authorized domestic surveillance without the benefit of court order and his subsequent announcement that he'll continue to do so, My Friend no longer sounds so paranoid, does he?

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