Monday, February 13, 2006

Au revoir

I'm off to Illinois for Grammie's funeral.

Take good care of the blogosphere in my absence.


Waveflux said...

We'll be here when you get back, Bitty.

I don't have anything to say in the way of counsel except to remember everything, all that you can about your grandmother. I know it sounds hokey, but the people we love live forever in our memories and so never leave us. It's true.

Waveflux said...

M and Greg send their prayers and thoughts, Bitty.

meowkaat said...

I will be thinking of you, Bitty. Losing Grandmas is tuff business.
I agree with waveflux. Try to remember. I wrote a five page remembrance when my gram passed, and I still read it from time to time and smile.