Friday, February 24, 2006

Earliest memory

Today, Shakespeare's Sister's QOTD is: What is your earliest memory?

I thought I'd answer it here, too.

I lived with my grandmother, slept in the same room with her, in a crib, still, but that might have had more to do with my grandmother's abundant caution than my age; her bed was pushed up against my crib. I was old enough to climb in and out of the crib, on to her bed, and down to the floor.

I had been given a cookie to eat, a chocolate chip cookie. The chips formed a face, maybe accidentally?

I couldn't eat the had a face! It was a person!

I took the cookie to bed with me and cried myself to sleep.


meowkaat said...

Ahhhh... what a bittersweet memory. And now, especially. *Squeeze*. I'm thinking of you.

Bitty said...

All my earliest memories are of her and her house, since I lived with her until I was four and a half. And I have quite a few memories of that time.

Thanks for the thoughts. I don't write about Grammie much -- I'm not writing about much of anything right now -- because I fear turning into Debbie Downer.

At some point, though, I need to take the time and make the emotional space especially to do that...this is one of the enormous perks of having a blog. And if people don't want to read it, they can ignore me!