Monday, March 20, 2006

Bitty: Officially Old

That's the bad news and the good news.

I'm 52 and almost a half, if that "almost half" matters. I only mention it because I've been "50 or older" for nearly a quarter of a decade now. AARP has been sending me solicitation material for more than a decade.

However, today, for the first time, I was called a "senior" in the not-high-school-not-college way.

That's the bad news part.

The good news part is that it saved me some unspecified amount of money.

I bought some Traveler's Cheques today and my credit union didn't charge me for them because, as the dewy-faced cashier who helped me said, "Seniors (50 and older) get Traveler's Cheques at no charge." I think I did an actual, physical double-take at the word "seniors."

I'm still a little stunned.

Oh, man. I'm old. Officially.

(And about those "cheques." I really didn't go to the credit union to get the cheques. I wanted the card, but my CU doesn't offer it. Bummer.)

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