Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sex Tape Rules for a New Millenium

Sex tape rule #1: If you don't want your sex tape released on the web, don't make a sex tape.

Sex tape rule #2: If you fail to adhere to sex tape rule #1, destroy said sex tape.

Sex tape rule #3, at least according to has-been Scott Stapp: If you fail to adhere to sex tape rules #1 and #2, blame everyone but yourself:
"Obviously someone wants to hurt me and doesn't want me to be successful in my solo career," Stapp told AP Radio in a recent interview.


"You think it's part of your rock 'n' roll memories," Stapp said. "I should have burned that tape."

The tape was not the only thing causing Stapp headaches. A day after his wedding, Stapp was arrested for investigation of being drunk at Los Angeles International Airport. He is set for arraignment on March 8.

"You don't want to say it's laughable, but it's just like, my God, there's so much stuff," he said. "Somebody does not like you and somebody wants you to fail."

I'm thinking "Someone" and "Somebody" are close relatives of the "Not Me" who used to come to my house and make messes and break things when my kids were little.

Grow up, Scott.

(In contrast, George Michael, arrested on drug charges, has the stones to call his troubles "my own stupid fault, as usual.")

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