Friday, March 31, 2006

O Happy Day!

Not because I refinanced.

Not because I sold.

Just because I lived long enough to pay off a 30-year mortgage.

Here is a heavily edited copy of the check I sent to my mortgage company today. The very last check I will ever send these people.

Happy day indeed!


Donovan Baldwin said...

Congratulations! I only have about 27 more years to go. I'm glad to have to wait that long since I'm only 61 and it almost provides some sort of mental guarantee that I'll get there.

Don at

Bitty said...

I understand!

When we signed the mortgage, "2000-anything" sounded like science fiction.

Now, it's everyday life.

Another thing, too...that payment seemed so big in 1976. Time (inflation, really) makes the p&i payment shrink in terms of percentage of total budget. Another nice thing.

Alanna said...

Dear Bitty:


I am thrilled for you--I have twelve more to go!


Bitty said...


Twelve is not at all a bad number!

When time permits, we must get together! Not this week. Not next!


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

YEA, YEA, YEA!!!!!!!

I'm quite happy for you ---

it must be amazing to actually pay off the place!