Monday, July 17, 2006

The only good thing about a payroll error is the correction of the payroll error

Summer pay is a mystery to me. Well, my pay is always a mystery, really. The deductions seem to shift from payperiod to payperiod. I get paid on contract, so "hours worked" is really irrelevant. The hard worker and the inefficient worker, both of whom might put in an insane number of hours, get paid the same as the slacker or the more efficient worker who put in fewer hours. But "they" assign a number of hours worked and pay us on that basis.

Summer pay is stranger even than regular pay because I don't know how they decide to slice up my contract. I get paid hourly, but I don't work hourly. So I got my first paycheck almost two weeks ago. It wasn't for a full two weeks, as I knew, and it was disappointingly smaller than I expected, but what the heck? I get the whole loaf of bread in the end anyway.

Today I got an e-mail advising me (all of us faculty) that our hours had been miscalculated last pay period and they owe me another $352.03 net.

Which is ok with me.

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