Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bitty v Too Beautiful to Be Involved, Part 2

Frankly, when I wrote about TBBI before, I thought she was a one-hit wonder, a subject to be whispered about and never spoken of again.

But now she's working on my last nerve.

We had a Famous Writer on campus last night. If students could go to the lecture, they were to go. If they couldn't, they are to do an alternate assignment in the coming days.

Both verbally and in writing I announced that students were to find me at the event and get themselves crossed off the list. I stood until the house lights dimmed, and the venue isn't that large. I wasn't invisible. Fifty or so students easily found me.

So TBBI shows up in class today, all breathless, and says she didn't know about having to check in with me, but really she was there. Really. See? Here's her ticket. Here's her program.

Honey, this may have worked with other people. But you're up against Bitty now.

I iterated that the requirement was to find me. But nevertheless, I tell her, she'll have to prove her attendance through what she says in the writing assignment -- which was also announced in advance.

Does it surprise you, dear reader, that TBBI wrote nothing about the talk? Does it surprise you that she instead took the alternate assignment description with her when she left class today?

Bitty 2

And TBBI, losing at the Game of College is not in your best interest, especially when you're losing in the events that are easily won.

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AMorris said...

Haaaaaaa! What a slacker!