Wednesday, October 18, 2006

If you are at all compulsive, ignore this post!

I got around to PostSecret late this week. One of the secrets was this:

...followed by a link to Virtual Bubble Wrap. If you are compulsive, don't click on the link. DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK!

Don't click here.

I told you not to click.

Manic mode isn't nearly as fun because it's not necessary to push the mouse, so ignore that (my advice anyway) because pushing is what creates the "real" experience.

But here's the freaky thing: if you ask for a fresh sheet, a crazed female voice whispers, "Must. Have. Moooooore!"

That voice sounds exactly like mine.


Madame X said...

I love it! I missed the female voice the first time, I had to turn up the volume!

Bitty said...

Me too -- I kept hearing this inaudible whisper and I thought I was hearing things. Then I realized it was coming from the computer. I turned it up and heard what I thought was my voice!

Freaky moment.