Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Blame George Washington

Listening to George Bush speak yesterday about the growing threat from North Korea and to analysts on NPR talk about the history of the United States’ relationships with North Korea, Iran, and Iraq, I realized that we’ve been looking at the current world situation all wrong.

A lot of fingers have pointed at Bill Clinton lately, indicating that Clinton failed to nip these problems in their evil little buds. And of course many others blame George Bush for the mess that is current U.S. foreign policy. But all that is misplaced criticism.

I blame George Washington.

Did Washington at any time ever attempt either bi-lateral or multi-lateral talks with North Korea? History shows us that the answer is no. George Washington completely ignored this growing threat.

Did Washington ever try to hunt down Osama bin Laden and put an end to his plotting? Again, historians cannot find so much as a memo to indicate that George Washington ever took the alQaeda threat seriously.

Did Washington attempt to stop Saddam Hussein from harboring terrorists determined to strike the U.S.? Did he try to interfere with Iraq’s program of developing weapons of mass destruction? Did he even once acknowledge the walking piece of havoc that is Saddam Hussein? No, no, and no.

Did Washington make any effort to stop Iran’s vile plans to develop a nuclear weapon? Indeed, no. He turned a blind eye, as if Iran’s plans didn’t even matter to America.

Clearly the troubles that hound this nation today can be directly attributed to the utter failure of the alleged father of our country, George Washington, to anticipate the dangers of 21st century America and to take the necessary steps to keep us safe. Washington’s dismal record on both 21st century foreign policy in general and the Axis of Evil in particular prove that our first president had clearly taken his eye off the ball, had clearly failed to protect the interests of America.

George Washington: an utter failure.

Why did he hate our freedoms so?


Vausey said...

Funny. Good post Bitty.

AMorris said...

One slaveowner is as good as the next... The means of bondage change, but the game stays the same.

Meowkaat said...'re a clever one.
"the toad road" is temporarily gone. I'll let youknow when/where/if I get it back up.

paddy said...

ah you have the mind of a shamen.You have seen what others fail to see and have the incite to make sence of the world.