Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth!

I must be the only soul in Bloggerland who can't easily embed YouTube videos. I can never copy and paste the whole URL and I don't have the patience today to do it in pieces. So although I found a grand fireworks video, never mind.

I've been working today. That might be occasion for me to feel sorry for myself, but not really. Not today. I'm grateful for the opportunity to actually get ahead of my boss on the editing project I'm doing this summer. She has family in town this weekend, so my little fingers are stiff from trying to catch up. I had my fun times last month, and I have no regrets.

But it's time for a food break, and to give the fingers a rest.

Imagine popping sounds, and lights in motion, and oohs and aahhs. Happy Fourth of July!


Bee said...

Happy 4th (or 5th, now), Bitty.

We had ONE firework -- just for fun. I'm sure the neighbors were perplexed!

So what did you end up eating?

Brave Sir Robin said...

ohhhh, Ahhhhh!!!!

Happy (belated) 4th.