Thursday, July 10, 2008

And Just Like That, It's Over

When my phone rings at 10:30 pm, I assume it's one of my children, who know about my nightowlish ways.

Instead, it was Mrs. P, the holder of what used to be my second mortgage. A little over two years ago, I paid off the original mortgage, the one my ex and I took out to buy this little house on the peninsula in 1976 for $29,200. Upon satisfaction of that mortgage, Mrs. P became my first mortgage holder.

She was calling because she'd received my July payment, and she was about to deposit it when she decided to consult her amortization schedule.

According to her records, which were compiled by her late husband, a CPA, I owe her a partial payment for July, and then I'm done. She's tearing up the old check, I'm issuing a new one, and after 20 years we're going our separate ways.

(According to my records, payoff should be in September, but who am I to argue with a deceased CPA???)

Although I was having some YouTube trouble on the 4th of July, I figured out today how to sweet-talk the "embed" feature, so let the fireworks begin:


Anonymous said...

Free and clear! Congratulations!

Now you can take out a third mortgage. Or, ah, not. :-D

Bitty said...

Oh, I have plans, buddy. Plans.

Frankly, if it weren't for the state of the economy and my low-level anxiety about my job, those plans would be kicking into high gear about right (consults watch) now.

That's the problem with an economic slump. It's self-perpetuating.

But someday this little house will be getting an additional room and/or the longed-for back porch will move from virtual to real.

For today, the Snoopy Happy Dance.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations dear Bitty!

What a joy for you--well done.

Love, Alanna who has TWO mortgages!

Brave Sir Robin said...

Wow!!!! Woo Woo!!

That's the problem with an economic slump. It's self-perpetuating.

Isn't it though? I talked myself out of my trip to New England this summer out of pure anxiety.

Bitty said...

While I've not done my patriotic part by taking out a new $30,000 mortgage, I did go on vacation "back home" where I, my daughter, my mother, and my siblings all threw money around like mad that we probably wouldn't have otherwise. Interestingly, even though we were visiting in Maryland, we threw a lot of that money around in Pennsylvania. And it's not over yet. Daughter comes to visit at the end of the month, when we'll throw some money all around Florida.

And I took the $ my Uncle Sam sent me, matched it, and bought a new refrigerator, special order, to be delivered in about two weeks.

So I'm not afraid of spending in the thousands. Just the tens of thousands.