Sunday, July 20, 2008

One of the Many Reasons I Hate to See the "Ugly" Comments Thrown at Maggie Gyllenhaal

Because she's the one famous person ever whom I think I resemble. I won't post a current photo of me, but I will post a childhood photo.

Here's Maggie:

And me at about 10:

(There's another reason, too: she's not ugly.)


AMorris said...

She's absolutely gorgeous. The LW and I really liked her in The Secretary with James Spader. Ms. Holloway was waaayyy nawty. =0)

Bitty said...

I'm mystified by that theme in the comments on any news stories that involve her. She's ugly, she can't act, she's riding on the coattails of her brother...

I heard of her before I heard of him.

I think her "mistake" is not looking like, say, Brooke Hogan.


AMorris said...

Critic: easiest job in the world.

Bee said...

I didn't realize that anyone thought that Maggie was ugly. ? I think that she is beautiful and smart and interesting. (BTW, your school photo is darling. Such big eyes!)

Maybe it's because she doesn't look like a Barbie doll?