Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dropping in on My Own Blog to Say Hello ...

Hello, whoever might show up to read this, and Happy New Year!

Yes, I realize we're darn near 1/12 into the new year, but I've been busy. I wish I could say I've been having fun, but no, it's not that.

Just busy.

For now, I'll just post what's on my mind this morning, and maybe I'll be back again in a week or so:

For most of my life, one of those questions that people have liked to discuss is Where were you when Kennedy was assassinated? Added to that unhappy question a few years ago was Where were you when the Twin Towers were hit? I think that now, at least among liberals but maybe even non-believers, we'll be adding: Where were you when Obama was inaugurated? It's a much happier so many, many ways.

I was in my classroom; one class ends at 12:05 and another begins at 12:15 and fortunately for me I don't change rooms between these two. I tried to bring up the ceremony on the computer, but every site I tried to access was frozen (it might well have had to do with the outdated computer, too). Finally, I turned to NPR and listened to the swearing-in and the speech. Then it was back to business.

But not business as usual. May it never again be that kind of business as usual.

(A personal aside to John Roberts: I've had that oath memorized since grade school, but as any English teacher would tell you, even if you have your speech well-practiced, bring some index cards as prompts. You never know what the stresses of the moment might do to your well-rehearsed plan.)


Anonymous said...

Heh. Last week, one of my coworkers asked if I planned to take Inauguration Day off (as she herself planned to). I replied that while I was happy that Obama got a promotion, I had a job of my own to do. I laughed. She didn't, so much. Humor is a tough dollar.

Hey, good to see you here! :-p

Anonymous said...

Also: It's time to take down the George Bush countdown timer (yay!) and put your Lost widget back up.

Bee said...

Hi Bitty! I'm glad that you've checked in to your blog. :)

(So THAT's what happened with John Roberts. I couldn't understand why he was giving such confusing prompts to our NEW PRESIDENT!!)

But never mind . . . I loved the whole thing; I loved everything about that day.