Friday, February 13, 2009

Captivated Kitty

A few weeks ago, I joined the 21st century and bought an LCD TV -- a modest one, a 32" Samsung, because the woman and the penny pincher in me wanted to keep it hidden in the armoire I invested in last year. This plan required a TV on the smaller side, which worked out, because I have a small living room and because after rebate it cost only (only?) $500, 18 months no interest. Oh yeah.

That purchase, however, led to a $250 blu-ray player, whereupon my savings were promptly wiped out.

Anyway, now that I have the new Samsung, Baby, my cat, is suddenly interested in TV for the first time. The first time I noticed his fascination, two days ago, I was watching Planet Earth on blu-ray and I thought it was the moving animals that caught his interest. This may have been so.

However, this morning he spent a good five minutes intently watching Angelo Surmelis redecorate a living room on HGTV. (Still might have been the moving animals that caught his interest!)

Anyway, has anyone else noticed a cat (or other pet) who had no use for old-school TV taking an interest in high-definition?


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the 21st century! No flying cars yet, but it's still early.

M's respect for you, already high, can only increase when she reads how your TV-purchasing was influence by your desire to house the unit in am armoire. She wanted to do much the same, but never did find the right one.

Kittehs and the hi-def teevee: I remember that post I wrote on the late, lamented house blog that had pics of Venice staring raptly at PBS on the widescreen. So funny.

I must still have those pictures somewhere. I'll look.

kkryno said...

My cat (Mr. Smudge) and canine numero uno (Joseph) both show an interest ever since we bought a new Sony flat screen on sale at Costco. I'm sure it's already obslete; but the boys (K. included)
still love it!

Bitty said...

Phil, I knew that if anyone had a response it was you. You have so very many test subjects.

Fortunately, the newfangled teevees aren't ugly, so even if they don't get hidden behind closed doors, it's not a decorating nightmare. They tend to just sort of sink back in the shadows.

I suspect that the more realistic picture (closer to the real thing) is what gets the animals' attention. (How did a tiger get in my house?????)

I DO lament the house blog. I'm still wondering about the end of the upstairs (?) vanity project.

Vikki, I'm sure my three-week old Samsung is obsolete, too! Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Portia and Penelope watched the Westminster Kennel Club on USA last week with great interest!


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

The Minion loves the TV and my Mac desktop monitor. He watches the TV and attacks/tries to hug the monitor. It's kind of disconcerting when he leaps from behind me, but I'm getting used to it.