Sunday, February 08, 2009

Job Security

For what it's I ponder the horrific state of our economy, it occurs to me that among the few people with (for the most part) secure jobs (at least for a set period of time) are the President and Congress.

The people whose job it is to see that our own jobs stop going under.


kkryno said...

If we were to drag our feet on an important project at our prospective workplaces, we'd be fired. These guys just keep playing the blame-game, and the ceo's of the failed financial institutions keep using the bail-out monies for employee "retreats" and top tier bonuses in the name of executive "retention."

It just boggles the mind. Maybe they should all step aside and other folks a shot at it. I don't even need to redecorate the office: I'm sure it's fine the way it is.

Bitty said...

First: best word verification ever: dindledi!

Second: absolutely, positively. A few years ago when I was not as politically tuned in as I am now, I got to wondering how genuinely qualified our legislators are. By that, I meant did they have an intellect and a background that would make them able to make wise decisions?

Sadly, I eventually got the answer to that question. All one needs to be a legislator is (1) to meet the constitutional requirements and (2) to be an astute enough politician to get people to vote for you. No other qualifications necessary.

Frequently no other qualifications are evident.

Brave Sir Robin said...

I know mine is certainly far from secure.

So, why aren't we rioting in the streets??

We have got to do something about the disparity of wealth.

I know, I sound like a socialist.

But it beats our current system.