Monday, September 12, 2005

Bitty is pretending she knows something about programming

I have no idea what I'm doing, really. Me with computer = me with car. I can drive, but don't ask me to spend too much time under the hood. Yes, I can find the spark plugs and wires and distributor caps, the dipsticks, the radiator, the oil filter. I can fill reservoirs.

But you really don't want me messing with the timing and belts and hoses, the valves, the alternator. No sirree bob.

All you brilliant ones have all kinds of interesting things on your blogs, and me, the best I can do most days is fill in fields when prompted.

But I'm trying, mostly by trial and lots of error. I've added a guestmap in the sidebar because I thought it was cool, reason enough to add anything to a blog, and I invite you to add yourself to the map. I've added links -- finally -- and I've renamed them "Stuff I Like to Read" but the perfectionist in me is driven nuts because the font for the words "Stuff" (etc.) does not match the font for the words "recent posts" and "archives." I'm not a clean freak, but I am the kind of person who could be driven frothing mad by a crooked picture. Go figure.

I'll eventually fill in the links to all my rather eclectic favorites. Someday I may even work out the font problem.

But for now, I am inordinately proud of me. I think I'll go change my spark plugs.


Waveflux said...

You should be proud of yourself! Blogging is like the proverbial tar baby as a hobby. The more you engage in it, the more entangled in technical minutiae you become. But actually accomplishing something - like posting a guestmap, or successfully solving a formatting problem - really makes you feel good.

Of course, not being able to figure something out makes you tense and resentful. But I've found that just about any blogging problem I've had has already been faced by others, and they've usually written about it online.

Bitty said...

It occurred to me that someone, somewhere has a solution to that font issue written in real English. I've stared and stared at the formatting of the curlicued fonts, but I haven't yet figured out how to crack the code. Eventually I will either ask someone who really knows about these things to help, or I'll go a-searchin' online and find my answer. For now, I really don't have time to play around, but I sneak playtime in now and then anyway.

And at least Blogger has given this enough forethought that we can look at the changes before we make them permanent and can reset the blog back to where it was before the changes were made. Without that, I'd have probably permanently obliterated the blog last night. I am very grateful.

And thanks for the props.