Friday, September 02, 2005

Self preservation

I've spent the last few days thinking more than usual about exactly what I need to stockpile in case of -- whatever. Hurricane. Insufficient gas to move around. Bombs.

Of course, for many of the folks in the Gulf, stockpiling did no good.

But I'm still thinking about stockpiling. We need to be thinking about taking good care of ourselves because it's kind of clear that the government can't.

I've been thinking about my possessions. Man, am I ever a packrat. Anyone who knows me well enough to spend time in my house knows that. But only one category of my stuff is precious enough to make me worry about losing it: my photos. For the last few years I've been saving my pictures to disk, and just two weeks ago, I bought a new scanner. I'm going to save the best of the collection to disks and mail them to out-of-state relatives. Just in case.

And if the worst should ever happen to me and I lose the pictures, too, well, they're still only pictures.

Excuse me now while I go shopping for canned goods and extra toilet paper. Just in case.

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Waveflux said...

M and I are getting serious about the preparedness thing too. I'm sure Katrina - and the woeful governmental response - has put that same thought in a lot of heads this week.

As for images (or any data files, I guess): you might look into online image hosting/storage. There are offers of free services along those lines; more than likely, though, the fee-based hosting/storage/online album services (like SmugMug, Pixagogo, and other bizzarely named outfits) are better. You probably wouldn't want that to be your only storage option, though. What kind of disks are you using for your photos now? ZIP disks? I love that format. You might consider copying your images to CDs or DVDs, which have greater storage capacity.