Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just Because I Don't Say Anything, It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You

A general notice to my blog-pals: for the last, oh, two months or so, my back has been against the proverbial wall, time-wise. I'm astonished that I've posted anything here at all, but in each case it was something I could spit out in 10 minutes or so. Lately that's been me: the 10-Minute Blogger.

I've also been visiting my favorite haunts, but not always commenting. That's been the compromise. I allow myself the time to read, but mostly I nod and move on.

This behavior will continue for at least another two to three weeks, when my back should be released from the proverbial wall, and I will return to my normal level of over-stress.

I just wanted to let you know, if I haven't been commenting on your blog, that I'm still reading in fits and starts, and I'll be back. Please don't forget about me.

And now, to make sure this post doesn't go over my 10-minute time limit, I'll sign off and see you in a few weeks. Or sooner. Maybe.


kkryno said...

Hang in and take care. We'll all be here when you can spend more time. :)

Anonymous said...

I know too well about schedules and other obligations cuting into precious blogging time. I hope you can see the light at tunnel's end (and that it isn't an oncoming train). :-D

Actually, I usually know when you have visited (even without having left comments) through the stat tracking package I use. The program personalizes the visits of people who have on record as having commented. So the stat screen might say of the past four visitors:

It's both a little creepy and kind of warmly familiar, all at the same time.

Bitty said...


It's both a little creepy and kind of warmly familiar, all at the same time.

Well said.

At first I thought that said "star tracking package," to which my reaction was, well, yes. That's me.

It's good not to be a number, I guess. I suppose it knows me by all three of the IPs I use if I've commented from all three. Which I think I have by now.

Bee said...

I hope that I'm amongst the bloggers that you still love! I have missed your comments, but I'm aware that life does sometimes get in the way of blogging.

Good luck on managing all that bogs you down. xx