Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Campaign Is Over

I just learned that Someone I Know, someone military, someone lifelong Republican (but not a crazee or a racist), cast his absentee vote for Obama.

If Obama can reach this person (or perhaps it was that McCain can't), it truly is all over.


kkryno said...

Maybe he decided that all of the crap that keeps coming up about Senator McCain's running mate is embarrassing. Not only to his party; but most of all to the rest of the country. It gives me cause to believe that there's still hope for all of us yet!

Bitty said...

Yep, yep, and yep, although I think the ballot was cast before this past week's antics.

I truly don't understand how a conservative, someone who actually subscribes to what the tenets of conservatism used to be, someone who is either not crazed (cleaning the gun to take care of them blackies and turrists) and/or a fundamentalist, wouldn't be anything other than horrified by the choice of Palin. (I cut slack for the young, some of whom haven't yet had time to fully develop their critical thinking skills.)

I wish McCain health. I truly do. But every vp choice has to be made not just on the basis of who might dredge up votes, but who can step in those Presidential shoes if need be. Perhaps voters don't remember -- or aren't old enough to remember -- that 45 years ago (next month), a vp had to take over. But I remember.

Seriously, that this person decided to vote for Obama suggests to me that instead of blindly following the party line, he gave some serious thought to what each candidate is offering (and not offering), and chose accordingly.

No poll gives me as much hope as this news -- because I know this person. It's not abstract.

Bee said...

My mother has suggested that my father (an elected Republican official) is also leaning toward Obama. As you say, in your response to kkryno, there are many Republicans who are bound to be horrified by Palin -- and by the lowest common denominator approach taken by the McCain campaign.

Let's be hopeful! (BTW, my absentee ballot gets mailed tomorrow!)