Monday, October 06, 2008

Kitchen Remodel, phases 2 and 3

I'll expand on this later, but here's the kitchen at the almost-end of phase 3. Left to do in phase 3: installing baseboards and the pieces that go at the end of the countertops. Raising the feet at the back of the range so that it's level and even with the countertops.

The kitchen used to be an L-shape. Nothing on the left existed (although these photos barely show the left), and the refrigerator was in the left corner as this photo is oriented. Because the old, battered cabinets had a missing drawer (long story), I suffered through having only 2 drawers for about 15 years. Now I have 8.

Phase 4: replacement of upper cabinets, starting with the one above the range, and all cabinets to the right of it. (If the old and new cabinets look a lot alike, it's because I've used the same paint color on both of them.) Knobs for the cabinets (they'll match the faucet). New light fixture over the sink. Probably nothing fancy or even visible except by those standing at the sink and looking up. Combination microwave/exhaust fan over the range. This might be finished by year's end.

The color scheme was inspired by the Mexican plate that hangs over the range.

A big shout-out to Tall Son, who has done most of the work, but not without my help -- and interference. As I tell him, he has skills, but I have opinions.

For fun, here's Phase 2, the other side of the tiny room (mine is a tiny house):

The flooring on the right has since been completed.

This post shows the kitchen in the midst of phase 1. At the time, I had no idea how many phases it would take.


konagod said...

Nice. And yes, I have definitely considered the peel & stick route but I figured since txrad and I both still have enough unspent unemployment money sitting in our debit cards to pay for a major improvement, and having spent so much earlier this year on roofing, windows and painting, in and out, I'm certainly inclined to do something that will make the house pop.

And I could do the peel & stick just in the kitchen, and put the travertine in the den and small front entrance foyer.

The only reason I'm leaning against that scenario is because from where we enter the house, and all our guests... through the kitchen, the kitchen floor and then entire den and part of the front foyer is all visible, and I think it would look phenomenal to have a really lovely old-world tile throughout.

Decisions, decisions!

konagod said...

And I'm glad to see your phases are creeping along at the same speed as mine! :lol:

Brave Sir Robin said...

Wow! Looking nice!

I have been running on two drawers for about 5 years, so I can relate.

Alas, I have no Tall Son to come help.


Anonymous said...


Tall Son and you have done a wonderful job on the kitchen. I have seen his work, so this is no surprise, of course. It is simply lovely.



Bee said...

So white! So pristine! So much clear counter space!

Bitty said...

Bee: Ah, the clear counter space is a little staged. All the "stuff" is piled out of camera range, next to the fridge. But most of that stuff is just waiting to go to another part of the house. Still waiting, in fact.

Clear counter space, however, is my goal.

The room is supposed to have cobalt blue accents, but the only thing in place is that butter dish!

BSR: It's not easy to get Tall Son lined up, so although I am thrilled to have had his help, I'm almost as Tall Son-less as you are. We have projects around here that are partially finished from as long ago as 8 years. When he shows interest in working on/finishing a project, I do not delay. I head to the home store and Get the Stuff Needed.

The most impressive thing he did was to join the countertops at the corners and then by himself flip the whole thing and put it in place. (He probably shouldn't have.) The pair on the sink side were especially large.

Alanna: Someday you will find your way to my house and we'll have a meal in that kitchen.

Kona: I'm with you on the one-floor throughout idea. It would be dramatic. I'll monitor your blog to see what your final decision is. But I'm expecting drama.

kkryno said...

I LUV your kitchen. I have a One-Butt kitchen, and I'm seriously ready for an up-grade! I could go to town in that kitchen. I'm so happy for you that your vision is coming to fruition.

I'm also glad to know that you're posting again.

Love, V.