Monday, October 20, 2008

Monkey Business

Somewhat passively watching Anderson Cooper's show tonight, I thought I saw something in the footage from John McCain's visit to Missouri, but it was on screen for just a moment, and the reporter made no note of it.

When the show reran the next hour, I taped it. Sure enough, there it was: another monkey proudly waved over the crowd. Of course, this one didn't have Obama's name stuck to its forehead, so I'm not sure what, exactly, the message is this time.

Monkeys for McCain?

Yeah, right.

Monkey shows up right away, at about 5 seconds into the video.


AMorris said...

As someone who lived in KC for 15 years, I can believe that someone would do that. Kansas City on the west end, St. Louis on the east end and Alabama in the middle.

Melissa McEwan said...

Good catch!

Bitty said...

Good catch!


Thank you, ma'am.