Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Astonishingly Disrespectful

I was out and about, on the way to lunch with Marine Son, who is in town briefly, and First Grandson. As we drove by a particular business, I noticed something and wondered about it, out loud.

Almost the moment I asked the question I knew the answer.

The question? Did someone die? Why is the flag at half-mast?

Marine Son said, quietly, I'll tell you in a few minutes (meaning away from the ears of First Grandson).

But I already knew. Because of yesterday, I said.

In the days just prior to the election, this same business posted what was the singularly most hateful sign I saw during those times, part of which was a reference to the President as "Hussein O'Sama."

And this, the flag in the position of distress, is apparently the mature response of more than just this one business owner, although it's the only one I've seen so far.

However much well-earned contempt I may have felt for the 43rd President of the United States, I never, never, never would have done anything so disrespectful -- to the flag and to my country.

For this woman, however, it's apparently not yet time to set aside childish things.


Anonymous said...

And the people who did this are likely quick to call themselves patriots, I imagine.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievably sad. I mourn for our country when I hear stories like this. These people need to meet more Americans of all colors - black, white, and blue!

Bee said...

I'm sorry that you have to even see this. Disgraceful behavior, for sure.

Everyone I know is so ecstatic that it is "easy" to forget that there are some people who haven't embraced this change.

Bitty said...

I don't shock all that easily any more, especially over right-wing antics, but I honestly felt as if I'd been slapped when I realized why the flag was lowered.

I'm off to dinner now and it occurs to me that one of the party is a loud mouthed bigot. One I must tolerate in the name of Family Harmony. He's sure to make some ugly comments. Lucky, lucky me.

Thornyissue said...

I know you'll shine at the gathering with your always-present class and graciousness. Buffoons aren't aware of how absurd they appear when faced with astute, reasonable people.

I thank the stars that you are one of the enlightened of our species.


Thornyissue said...



I'm sorry that was me, Vikki; signed in under my partner's acct.
We share a lap-top.

I'll pay more attention from now on.

Bitty said...

Hi, Vikki!

As it turned out, it wasn't that bad. Politics never came up, perhaps because the buffoon couldn't be sure that the others around the table shared his worldview. (In fact, I think none of them did.)